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Customer Feedback

Hi there, I met you at the Stratus Christmas market and bought a few of your teas. I just wanted to tell you that I'm loving the Redbush Chai and the Stratus Harvest blend. Both so, so, so good. Keep up the excellent tea-making!
- Mary Lynn

Hi, I met you at the Humber Bay farmers' market last summer and purchased my first teas from you. I was delighted with the teas I purchased so I looked on your packaging to find out if I could order. Your delivery was indeed very prompt and I have already enjoyed the two new brews I purchased.
Think this might be one of my favourite Christmas gifts this season.Thank you.
- Marie

"Your tea produced the best cup of tea that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I followed your directions, let the water sit after the boil for 5 minutes and brewed for 3 and voila............a masterpiece in a cup of tea was created..........tastes as good as it smells........absolutely to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much".
- Janet K.

"I received your "Redbush chai" tea as a gift this Christmas and may I say to you that it is the best chai tea I have ever had in my life! I love the whole pieces of spices and other things you add in your teas!"

"I met you at the show at Jade Gardens and have completely fallen in love with your teas".
- Lindsay

"Hi Donna, we are at the end of the field hunkered under a tree while trying to wait out a downpour that interrupted our salad green harvesting. Luckily the Coleman stove is at this end and we brewed a cup of your new Zesty Lemon Ginger Rooibos blend. I knew I would like it - the name had three of my favorite tastes, but when we had our first sip I couldn't help but say WOW. We knew there was something else there, but none of us could put our finger on what it was. So a scramble for the bag and on the list, a bit of Cardamon - Genius! It really pulls the blend together. I don't know if they have a Tea Blenders Hall of Fame, if so, this one puts you in it. "
- Bruce - Black Tractor Farms

Just want to let you know this is the best Chamomile tea blend that I have tasted!  You do an amazing job in blending your teas & only use the best teas, herbs and spices on the market.
- Debi

I just have to write you now to let you know how much I am enjoying my "tea".

Yesterday, I purchased Wellness-Midday Reset tea as you recommended to me as we discussed that I was interested in a detoxing tea.

Today I brewed my first cup and :I have to say it is most delicious tasting and I just want to thank you so much for helping me with what I needed.


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