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Creamy Earl Grey

Creamy Earl Grey


Every tea has a story…..


Hands down, this blend has become an all time favourite by many. Vanilla notes soften the bergomot oil that Earl Grey tea is famous for providing a creamy mouth feel.





    Black tea (Ceylon) infused with bergomot oil, natural flavouring and corn flowers for a rich creamy taste with soft vanilla notes ideally suited for morning, afternoon or evening tea.

    Blended and Packaged in Canada

  • Customer Review

    Juliana – August 5, 2022

    I have had a lot of tea, but this creamy earl grey is by far my favourite! It is the perfect balance of sweet and creamy. This is some of the smoothest tea I have ever had. If you’re looking for a great cup of earl grey I can’t recommend this enough! Will definitely be buying more in the future!

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